The Institute took off September 1st 1986 at Kaduna, Nigeria and have since graduated over Fifty Thousand [50,000] from the numerous campuses in Nigeria while about five Thousand [5,000] have graduated from the London and Manchester Campuses.

At WOFBI, we do not offer mere secular education; we also provide deep spiritual enlightenment, as well as mental empowerment for exploits. WOFBI is not just a place of learning; it is actually a place of trans-figurative encounter.

In the words of Dr. David Oyedepo, “There is no mountain anywhere; every man’s ignorance is his mountain”. It is your light that defines your limit, if you will submit to the forces of enlightenment; you will subdue every mountainous issues of your life.

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Basic certificate course (bcc)

This is the Foundation Course for those who have never attended any previous WOFBI program. (Scholarship is available for all 1st timers in the church in the Four (4) Months before the commencement of the course)  Fee: £30. Modules include;

  • Word Foundation

  • New Creation Fundamentals

  • Character Developmemt

  • Principles of Faith

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Principles of Answered prayers

  • Dynamics of Potentials

  • Determining Divine Direction

  • Principles of Divine Health

  • Principles of Financial Prosperity

  • Family life

  • Principles of Ministry


This is a Leadership Development and Motivational Course, for those who have attended the BCC Specialized program. Fee: £35

  • Faith Complex

  • Dynamics of Holiness

  • Dynamics of Signs and Wonders

  • Vision Analysis

  • Biblical Business Strategies

  • Success Concept

  • Principles of Supernatural Supplies

  • Excellence in Ministry

  • Principles of Church Growth

  • Marriage Covenant

  • Understanding the power of praise

  • Understanding the Anointing

This is the Most advanced Course in the WOFBI Program and is suitable only for those who have successfully completed the LCC Program. (Scholarship may be available but please make further enquiries.  Fee: £40. Modules include;

  • Biblical Management Principles

  • Supernatural Wisdom

  • Signs and Wonders Today

  • Exploits in Ministry

  • Word Dynamics

  • Principles of Integrity

  • Ministry and Family

  • Growing in Power

  • Financing the Ministry

  • Spiritual Leadership

  • Exploits of Faith

  • Plan, Purpose and Pursuit

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