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Enlistment into Church Growth Service Squads

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

As we all know, Service in the Kingdom is not a gift nor a calling, but a choice- Joshua 24:15

Interestingly, there is a place for every believer to serve in the vineyard and everyone's input entitles him or her to rewards- Matthew 20:1-6, I Corinthians 3:6-8.

Following the declaration of the Church Growth Service Squads. All members are required to

volunteer to enlist into any squad of their choice. These squads include:

(1) The Soul Winning Squad (SWS)

(2) The Kingdom Advancement Prayer Squad (KAPS)

(3)The Come and See Squad (CSC)

(4) The Carers Squad (CRS).

As every member willingly takes his or her place within these Squads, the revival fire burning in this church and commission shall be sustained and as God sees our engagement in the secret, He shall continue to reward us openly in Jesus name. - Luke. 19:17-19/

Galatians 6:9.

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